Growing Natural Health Products Company Doubles Floor Space & Provides Organization

  • Client Immunotec Inc.
  • Location Vaudreuil-Dorion, Québec
  • Manufacturers Montel
  • Category Industrial

Immunotec stands in a class of its own as a leader in the wellness industry by offering innovative nutritional products.
• Immunotec’s continual upward growth required additional inventory space
• Additional SKU’s introduced to the marketplace required additional storage
• Increase storage capacity by 60%
• Increase productivity by relocating fast moving SKU’s to another section of the warehouse thus reducing pick routes
Montel HD industrial powered mobile storage systems mounted on pallet rack for heavy-duty storage.
• Length: 58′ Mobile Carriages
• Aisle Width: 8.75′
• System Height: 20′
• Load Capacity: 30,000 lb per Section

Product Features
• Powered systems with programmable features, providing a safe storage environment.
• Impact-resistant (against lift-trucks) Infrared Floor-Level Safety Sweep on both sides of the aisles protecting users and materials.
• Passive Infrared Sensors (PIR), also known as Aisle Human Presence Detectors, preventing carriage movement in the event an aisle is occupied as it detects both movement and heat.
• PIN-Controlled Access for added security
• Infrared Adjustable Proximity Sensor to adjust the
distance between each carriage.
• Impact-Resistant Zinc Housing Face panel Controls
• Sealed membrane controls preventing dust infiltration, minimizing future maintenance.
• Significant short-term and long-term savings.
• 60% space savings.
• Provided room more inventory due to a significant sales growth.
• Condensed inventory storage.
• Storage space for more SKU`s introduced to the marketplace.
• Overall improved efficiency and productivity (materials are more organized, less handling, easy
to inventory control, accessibility etc.).
• Added Security.
With certified factory-trained installation and service technicians, Montel is engaged in the pursuit of excellence throughout its proposed storage solutions.